Just had to do a really quick write up on this on my personal blog on my thoughts on last night's 85th Annual Academy Awards.

Not suprising on who won what, but I guess with the amount of hype and the nominees being shoved in our faces leading up to the OSCARS - not to mention their previous wins in other award ceremonies (Golden Globes, Critics Choice, SAG, etc) - I was not the least bit shocked on the winners.


Funny that poor Affleck was shunned for Best Director catergory but still managed to slay by winning the top prize of the night -Best Picture which he so rightly deserved it for. Argo was definitely my favorite film out of the best film category and of the year so far to be honest. I haven't had a film gripped me in the very last 30 minutes then Argo did. Brilliant stuff. And  Ben's speech was so heartwarmining and so emotional, even through his gitty, nervousness.  I was never a fan of him before, I guess I always thought of him as being arogant but after seeing Argo and watching his appearances/interviews, Ben seems like a really lovely guy and whose accomplisment from an actor to now a brilliant director with Oscars under his belt its no suprise how hard he's worked for it.

Best Supporting Actress was won by Anne Hathaway, another actress who originally I was not a fan of that much. She didn't bug per se but I didn't see the big deal with her. That was till I saw her in Les MIserables. People can hate on her perfections, call her the next Julia Roberts or whatever, but Anne's 15 minutes or so of screen time in Les Miserables definitely made the film ten times more memorable with her acting and passionate singing. She even cut her hair dammit! And not since Natalie Portman's performance in V did I see an Actress resort to that sort of "torture" on screen by cutting their hair for real.


The big winner for me though was definitely the fabulous, flawless, and kooky Miss. Jennifer Lawrence. Say what you want about her, but she's a breath of fresh air in this industry that Hollywood seems to cringe at. But whatever comes out of Miss. Lawrence's mouth she stands above all the rest in her comedic persona, generally down to earth mannerism which I think a lot of celebrities lack.


There was a massive debate as to whether she deserved the win for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, and quite honestly I didn't see an Oscar position for her but there was just something about her character as an actress particularly in the brilliant Winter's Bone, which I thought it was damn time Hollywood gave her the recognition. (Speaking of recognition, when will Leonardo Di Caprio get his? LOOKING AT YOU ACADEMY!). But anyway, she deserved it in all manner of respect and as a fan of hers for so long it was one of the biggest highlights of the night for me. Oh and her magestic falling on the stairs towards the stage, she even looked ethreal doing it too.

How can anyone not love her?

It is hilarious though when I see the amount of "hate" she recieves on various blogs and websites about her personality and her "fakery" and how much of a tried hard she is. If you were following her career before the amount of hype  she's been recieving as of late (particulary during last year's Hunger Games promotions), Jennifer has always been someone who never takes themselves seriously and her co-stars even admit that she says things before it's too late. Watch her youtube videos from back in the Winter Bone's promotions, Jennifer has always been that type of girl. And I hope to god, she doesn't change after this phenemonal win.

Overall in its four hours of broadcast, this year's Oscars were not less shocking then the previous ones, even Seth Mcfarlane or however you spell his last name to me wasn't all that great. It could be because I am so not a fan of his work, so his jokes definitely through over my head. Meh. And Ang Lee, Christoph Waltz and Daniel Day-Lewis were awarded as well and though I still feel Leonardo was robbed on a nomination for Django Unchained, Waltz's performance was one to love. Oh and Tarantino! My favorite director ever! Won best screenplay! Now that was highlight for me too.


Hope everyone is spending it with the person they love regardless of if you are religious or not. I am currently having a BBQ with the fam! :)
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New year, New Journal.

Well I do believe I have left this journal to go stale for a long time now. A lot has happened since I have made this journal years ago. My interest have greatly changed and I am trying to get my life in order. I am thinking of just using this journal as a way of either posting pictures (which Photography has been a great part of my life now) as well as Editing, which I enjoy doing immensely.

I am also working on getting into the PR industry, which at the moment is very, very hard. But I am not giving up hope. I am also trying to get into poetry and reading more books, which before I use to love romantic ones, but I feel I should broaden my interest more. Even though when I was younger I use to loooove crime fictions/ or even reading about Serial Killers (yeah, morbid much.)

I am also slowly but surely trying to get back into my FANART which I use to love doing in my late teens, but I have been lacking the motivation of continuing my work. Though I might just make a section showing my old art if I can find anyway. lol.

Also, am currently studying Japanese in which I do hope to visit in the near future. Oh and did I also mention how much of a Harry Potter fan I am now? Yeah I guess you can tell. I love the TRIO so much.

You can also follow me on Twitter via @Cee_Japan 2011 :)

Here's a recent Video I made of Britney Spears, only a preview as am currently working on it.
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Sorry peeps. I just don't have the strength to keep this LJ updated all the time and have noone comment on my updates. Its really puts me off big time to know that so many people friend me and noone hardly comments. I don't think its fair.

Besides my wonderful Cammy (big hugs),Manji, Roz, final__desire, vero, etc who always manages to comment whenever they can, I am in the process of cleaning out my friends list. So those who feel they want to continue being my friend then by all means comment here. Otherwise, I am going to unfriend you.

I hope you don't think I am being rude by doing this, but I just can't have a Journal with people just reading it and then that's it. Its not fair to me, it seems as if you are just lurking on my journal.

P.s I am quilty of the same thing, as I hardly comment on people's journal. But that is due to the gfact that my life is hectic at the moment again, and my exams are coming up so I am not always here.

So in conclusion I am on Hiatus for a while. Don't know when I am coming back.


Valerie's Journal

I am a very opinionated person, so beware! But I don't bite, so if you want to be friends with moi, them comment and if I feel like it I might add you. :P (Just kidding......or am I?)

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